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                    India Warehousing Show 2016

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                    Show Date 2016-06-08 To 2016-06-10
                    Exhibition City New Delhi
                    Display Address Pragati Miadan New Delhi, India
                    Hall Name Pragati Miadan New Delhi, India
                    Host Reed Manch Exhibitions Pvt. Ltd.
                    Official Website http://www.IndiaWarehousingShow.com
                    Show Description

                    India Warehousing Show (IWS) is the leading exhibition and conference for warehousing, logistics, material handling and supply chain industry. Running in its 6th annual edition, the event is attended by over 6,841 Trade visitirors, 145+ exhibitoirs, 377 hosted buyers, 305 conferences delegates during each year representing high level decision-makers and buyers from across the globe. IWS is a complete supply chain event you cannot afford to miss in 2016!

                    India Warehousing Show, since its inception has been a topic of discussion amongst the exhibitors, media professionals and visitors from all over the world. A robust international presence and displays including latest trends and innovations make this show the highlight of the business calendar for the entire Supply Chain industry in India.

                    Show Dates

                    Wed 8 June : 
                    Thu 9 June : 
                    Fri 10 June : 10:00 am - 6:00 pm
                    10:00 am - 6:00 pm
                    10:00 am - 5:00 pm



                    For exhibition participation:

                    Akshita Kapoor
                    Reed Manch Exhibitions Pvt. Ltd.
                    T: +91-9811715124
                    E: akshita.kapoor@reedmanch.com

                    Janish Jafri
                    Reed Manch Exhibitions Pvt. Ltd.
                    T: +91-9999686007
                    E: Janish.jafri@reedmanch.com

                    Ashutosh Kataria
                    Reed Manch Exhibitions Pvt. Ltd.
                    T: +91-9971098911
                    E: ashutosh.kataria@reedmanch.com

                    Operation Inquiry

                    Vishnu Bhatt
                    Reed Manch Exhibitions Pvt. Ltd.
                    E: vishnu.bhatt@reedmanch.com

                    FRANCE, BELGIUM

                    Sara Godomen
                    Reed Exhibitions ISG France
                    T: +33 (1) 79 719318
                    E: sgodomen@reed-export.fr


                    Nadine Grotendorst
                    Reed Exhibitions ISG France
                    T: +33 (0) 1 41 90 46 59
                    E: ngrotendorst@reed-export.fr


                    Reed ISG Exhibition Japan K. K
                    T: +81-03-6261-2996
                    E: taguchik@reedexpo.co.jp


                    Guy Rogers
                    Intec Export Intelligence
                    T: +44 (0)1444 220971
                    E: grogers@intecuk.com


                    Cinzia Mondini
                    Reed Exhibitions ISG Italy
                    T: +39 02 43517089
                    E: cinzia.mondini@reedexpo.it


                    Ms. Elizabeth Garcia
                    Trade Q – Trade Fairs & Events
                    T: +49-211-56677756
                    E: e.niehaus@trade-q.com


                    Molly Ho
                    Reed Exhibitions ISG
                    T: +1 203 840 5402
                    E: mho@reedexpo.com


                    Esther DING
                    Reed Exhibitions ISG (China)
                    T: +86 139 1042 4970
                    E: esther.ding@reedexpo.com.cn

                    Full name:Akshita Kapoor
                    Teleohone:+603 6270 9332
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