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                    Myanmar Oil Exhibition 2016

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                    Show Date 2016-01-28 To 2016-01-29
                    Exhibition City Hongkong
                    Display Address Sedona Hotel Yangon
                    Hall Name Sedona Hotel Yangon
                    Host Oliver Kinross Ltd
                    Official Website http://www.myanmaroilexhibition.com
                    Show Description

                    The Annual Myanmar Oil & Gas Exhibition is organised by Oliver Kinross, an internationally renowned business research organization specialising in conferences, exhibitions and training workshops with headquarters in London, Hong Kong and Brazil. We organise over 40 events every year in a wide range of sectors across the globe.

                    Oliver Kinross was founded in January 2008 with the aim of delivering superior quality business intelligence and networking opportunities for industry and business professionals. This is achieved through a series of Conferences, Summits, Forums, Exhibitions and Training Workshops attended by many of the world’s largest organisations. Today Oliver Kinross enjoys a worldwide reputation for market leading events in the fields of Oil & Gas, Power, Security, Infrastructure, Construction, Trade & Investment and Healthcare.

                    This success is due to a combination of critical factors. Oliver Kinross has pursued the world’s fastest growing frontier markets and incorporated local interests into the event agendas. It has demanded excellence at every stage of the organisation and execution process and emphasises aiding the development and economic growth of the events’ host nations. This approach results in increased investment for the host country and a greater understanding and promotion to the worldwide business community.

                    To view our full portfolio of events, please visit our website – www.oliver-kinross.com

                    Welcome to Myanmar Oil Exhibition 2016

                    ? A must attend Industry Leading Event for Myanmar’s Oil & Gas Industry

                    ? Exclusive updates from the Myanma Oil & Gas Enterprise (MOGE)

                    ? Hear Expert’s Strategies from the project leaders in global Oil & Gas

                    ? The most comprehensive 2 day programme Featuring Over 30+ Top Level Speakers

                    ? 20 + Booth Exhibition showcasing the latest technologies and services in upstream oil & gas

                    ? Discuss Business & Partnership Opportunities in the comfort of a 5 star venue

                    ? Benefit from Case Study Insights from the a huge range of local and international OG Operators

                    28th – 29th January 2016, Sedona Hotel Yangon

                    Contact Details

                    Oliver Kinross Ltd

                    3rd Floor, Archway House

                    1-3 Worship Street

                    London, EC2A 2AB

                    P: +44 (0)207 127 4501

                    E: info@oliverkinross.com

                    Oliver Kinross Asia Pacific

                    25th Floor 71-77 Wing Lok Street Sheung Wan Hong Kong

                    P: +852 3975 5710

                    Full name:Oliver Kinross
                    Address:25th Floor 71-77 Wing Lok Street Sheung Wan Hong Kong
                    Teleohone:+852 3975 5710
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