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                    Vivid Descriptions of Products in International Trade

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                    Core Tip:Terms used for quality descriptions; Terms used for design descriptions; Terms used for colour descriptions
                    Terms used for quality descriptions: 
                    1. excellent quality(high quality)
                    2. superior quality
                    3. stable quality
                    4. reliable quality
                    5. wide varieties
                    6. complete in specifications
                    7. quality and quantity assured
                    8. dependable performance
                    9. easy and simple to handle
                    10. easy to use
                    11. durable in use
                    12. well-known for its fine quality
                    13. The king of quantity
                    14. The queen of quality
                    15. reliable reputation
                    16. world-wide renown
                    17. to have a long standing reputation
                    18.  to enjoy high reputation at home and abroad
                    19. to have a long history
                    20. selling well all over the world
                    21.  to win warm praise from customers

                    Terms used for design descriptions: 
                    1. skillful manufacture
                    2. sophisticated technology
                    3. latest technology
                    4. finely processed
                    5. deft design
                    6. modern design
                    7. beautiful design
                    8. professional design
                    9. luxuriant in design
                    10. rational construction
                    11. attractive design
                    12. various styles
                    13. elegant shape
                    14. fashionable patterns
                    15. for your selection

                    Terms used for colour descriptions: 
                    1. colorful
                    2. beautiful in colors
                    3. color brilliancy
                    4. delicate colors
                    5. pretty and colorful
                    6. pure white and translucence
                    7. pure whiteness

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