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                    Best sales Etizolam in stock WhatsApp: +86 15028160277

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                    CAS: 40054-69-1
                    Store: Keep in cool and dry place
                    Unit price: 15.00 usd/g
                    MOQ: 10 g
                    Quantity: Negotiable
                    Delivery date: Since the payment date 3 Days delivery
                    Area Origin: East Asia - China(Mainland)
                    Delivery Port: Tianjin Seaport
                    Trade Terms: DDP
                    Payment Terms: Western Union,Money Gram,Paypal,Other
                    Standard: USP,EP
                    Cooperative type: Wholesale
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                    Company Profile
                    • Hebei Sanju Biological Technology Co., Ltd
                    • Company Area: East Asia
                    • [Credit Integrity]
                    • Address:Haiyuetiandi, No.66 Yuhua Road, Shijiazhuang City, Hebei Province
                    • Here is a Business Transfer Contact...
                    • Contact:Sales Manager? ?
                    • Language:English,Chinese
                    • Member: [Offline]
                    • Email:sales@worldinout.com
                    • Telephone:+86-371-65715593
                     We provide customers with high quality research chemical.

                    Main products: 

                    Ropivacaine HCI, Pregabalin, Risperidal, 5F-MDMB-2201, SGT series( SGT-24, SGT-67, SGT-78, SGT-151, SGT-263, etc.), 4F-ADB, 3MeO-PCP, EUK-207, EU, ETI, MMB-2201, U48800, U47700, FAB-144, 2-FDCK, etc.


                    WhatsApp: +86 150 2816 0277

                    Wickr Me: eileenlu 

                    Skype: +86 150 2816 0277

                    Email: eileen@sanjubio.com

                    More?Our other products
                    Tips:This page [Best sales Etizolam in stock WhatsApp: +86 15028160277] infomation provided by [Hebei Sanju Biological Technology Co., Ltd] ,the enterprise is responsible for the authenticity, accuracy and validity of the information content. www.daishz.com do not assume any guarantee of joint and several liability. A safe way to suggest that the two sides trade, to ensure the interests of both sides.

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